Friday, July 17, 2015

I dug the blog out of cobwebs and dust yesterday. I haven't even thought of it years! 5 years actually. My the changes that take place in 5 years!! The boys and I (now 3 boys not just two). Loved looking through all the pictures and readying the captions! Make me wonder, should I blog again? I mean it's been 5 years. I can blog now from my phone! It's could be so simple. Maybe, just maybe, I will.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bus Time

It finally happened. Jaxon is ready to ride the bus. When we moved to Ogden Jaxon had the option of riding the bus. The school is about 4 miles from the house. It has taken him a little over a month, but Monday he informed us that he was ready to ride the bus....I am sure you can imagine my HORROR! THE BUS??? I did relent and let him ride. I knew it would be good for him. All the kids in the neighborhood ride the bus. In the afternoon when he goes to school it is just the Kindergarten kids. So I figure thats okay. Jaxon at the bus stop. At our "stop" its Jaxon and two girls. OF COURSE he can not stand by the girls. Germs you know! Those girl germs are real killers! Ryker at the bus stop. He was beating up Will. Hence the closed fist flying through the air. Yes, he is a trouble maker, I have realized it and am dealing with it.
Toothless Joe. Jax lost his two front teeth. He is now talking with a stunning lisp! Its rathter entertaining. I really like trying to watch him bite into things. Sad really when thats the highlight of your day!!

Hoping on the bus! Of course having to beat the girls on!Off he goes. This of course is where I totally lost it! Broke down into raking sobs! Willie practically had to carry me home. He was laughing the whole way. I just didnt know if he would be safe, or if he liked it. What if someone beat him up or he had to be the kid that sat all by himself!? I was such a mess. I insisted that Willie drive me to Jaxons school to make sure that he got off okay and was not crying or bloody. Willie says I act just like my mother. ( which to me is a high compliment) When I picked up Jaxon from school that afternoon. (No he is not ready to ride home with the big kids yet and yes I am more then happy about that!!) Anyways when he got into the car, I asked him how the bus was he told me the play by play and how much he loved it. Then I asked him if he saw us when he got off... He said, with his face bright red " Yes, I saw you. I got off the bus just fine. I told you to not do that. So please dont do that again Mom. ITS NOT COOL!" So there you have it. I am not cool and I am no longer stalking the Kindergarten Bus!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Serious neglect!

I dont just blame myself for the serious neglect of my blog. Many things have contributed! The main thing being that our camera broke. So there really wasnt anything to submit to my blog! But thanks to my AWESOME sister CHEY who gave me her camera. Yes, just gave it to me. I have a few pictures to post!
We have had a busy life the last month. Will decided to go back to school and finish up his Masters. Which took us from SUNNY St. George to FREEZING cold Ogden! Suprisingly, the adjustment hasnt been too bad. Jaxon is LOVING his new school. We are LOVING our new ward, and oddly enough we are LOVING our apartment. Yes we are in an apartment. Will and I have never in our married lives together lived in an apartment. Its been a fun change and a new adventure. We love our area. All though we miss our Thursdays with Grandma, our bonding moments with Chey Chey and Magel Smagels desperately! We are enjoying life in the snowy northern Utah. Its nice to know that we still have our second home (grandmas) in St. George to go home to whenever we can!!A Couple christmas pictures. We had Christmas in St. George. Just our little family opening presents. It was really nice!

Jaxon walking into his new school. I was really emotional. I lost it as Willie, Ryke and I walked out. I wanted him to like it so bad. He LOVED school in St. George and got to walk to and from school everyday with his best buddy. I was so nervous that he would hate it and I would forever need counciling over moving him in the middle of the year. He loved it though! Thank goodness!!

Leaving our apt. headed to school!

Dont they both look so happy! What a picture!!

All bundled up for school!

Will and the boys playing on the swing set! Snow doesnt stop these boys! Jaxon asks daily if we are going to learn how to snowboard now. I guess we year!!

The Airforce Museum. Jaxon and Ryker can spend HOURS here! Its free so we let them!!

Another museum picture!

We are alive and happy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ryker's New Talent

Ryker has learned nursery ryhmes in his preschool class! We love to sit around and listen to him say them over and over and OVER again! He also has learned his "Tiny Turtle" song! We are loving it. Between Jaxon,Brecky, Keegan, and Morgona asking him to say/sing them over and over we hear them 50 times a day! I love it!! (Thanks Timar for recording and downloading it!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick OR Treat

My Trick or Treaters! Jaxon decided that he wanted to be a Skeleton this year. With a mask. Any of you that know Jax know what a big step this is. He is so afraid of everything usually. He has never wanted to be anything " Halloweenish" before. He was so brave out trick or treating.
Ryker was a ninja turtle. Not by choice. He actually chose a Batman costume. Which turned out be WAY TO SMALL. And WAY TO UGLY! Like I said I have never actually bought costumes before. This was my first year. I have learned my lesson on buying anything toddler size!!

But he did make one super cute Ninja Turtle! Thanks to Aunt Timar for the costume!!

Jaxons mask!

The two cutest Trick or Treaters! I love my Skeleton and Ninja Turtle!
Shout out to my husband who missed winning a saddle at his roping to come home and be with his family for Halloween! I love you Will! You are the best Dad in the world!


My first child in his first Halloween parade! I feel so old! I remember doing this when I was in Monroe Elementary. Has it really been that long ago?

This is Jaxons class. Mrs. MacIntosh is in the front with the scrubs on. Jax is the 3rd person back. You cant really see him. He ducked behind the fairly wings on purpose!
This was so fun to watch. There costumes were so cute. What a fun day!
Breckyn and Jax. Breck actually looked at me. Jax refused.Jaxon trying to run so I couldnt get his picture. My cute Skeleton!

Class party

I am the room mother in Jaxons class this year. I was a little concerned of how that would be. But so far so good! I have actually really enjoyed getting to know the teacher and the kids in his class. For his Halloween party we made haunted houses!
Breckyn and Jaxon. Making haunted houses.

Jaxons table at school making there houses. They turned out so cute! It was really fun.